Apple's 2013 To-Do List

John Siricusa on Apple’s to-do list for the coming year, posted to his personal blog Hypercritical:

“I didn’t just lead Apple to a record quarterly profit of $13.1 billion on sales of $54.5 billion, so I don’t expect to be consulted. But were Tim to ask me, here’s what I would tell him Apple should do in 2013—in broad strokes, and in no particular order.”

John’s third and seventh points, to diversify the iPhone product line and to improve iCloud, respectively, merit some discussion. A few weeks ago I wrote a post called The Problems with iCloud, in which I talked about Apple’s latest foray into cloud services and my problems with the product. It would be a huge step forward for Apple to finally offer a cloud service superior to the competition — superior to Dropbox. Underestimating the significance of those move would be a mistake.

And then we have the suggestion to diversify the iPhone product line. I first saw this idea from Marco Arment late last week, and the Internet has been abuzz since then. I am not qualified to speculate as to the probability of these rumors, nor would I even if I did possess the knowledge; my goal in publishing this website is not to become the next John Gruber or Mac Rumors. I will, however, say this: by “diversify the iPhone product line”, everyone means to say that Apple should ship a cheaper iPhone. Whether or not Apple chooses to do this, however, is not a matter of feasibility in production or difficulty selling this new, nuance device, but whether Apple wishes to support the low-end market they will capture with a low-end iPhone.