College Could be Your Biggest Mistake

"No one could tell me why I was wasting my creative energy, focus, and life on something I didn’t want to do. Classes didn’t hold my attention- I could teach myself more in an afternoon than I would learn in a 10-week class. My classes appealed to the lowest-common denominator. The bottom of the barrel.”

Unfortunately, the situation Steve Corona describes in his insightful piece College was my biggest mistake is not exclusive to college, but a never-ending battle waged throughout the lives of countless students across the world regardless of age or location, especially in American. Even as a homeschooler I encounter this difficulty every single day in every one of my classes. Let me say it again in the hopes of reinforcing this crucial point: this situation, the tendency for classes to appeal to the lowest common denominator, as Steve put it, is not exclusive to colleges, but an all-too common experience in today’s educational construct. And while there is some hope for educational reform, we must ask the question, “Will it be too late?" Towards the end of his piece Steve explained that even today fewer companies look at college credentials, instead preferring the real-world experience formalized learning does such a good job of preventing, the real-world experience people like Steve opt for at the expense of the increasingly irrelevant college degree.