My name is Zac Szewczyk, and I’m here to restore your faith in my generation. At nineteen I have spent the last nine years programming in various capacities, the last seven writing, and the last three spending every spare moment with headphones in my ears and Instacast on my iPhone. It has taken innumerable failed ventures, hundreds of hours writing, and more time than I care to admit coding to gain the experience necessary to reach this point; this website is the culmination of nearly a decade spent learning about the internet. If you happen to like something you see here, shoot me a message over on Twitter; I would love to hear from you.

My Setup

I once wrote exclusively atop a rustic desk situated below a window in the corner of my bedroom, out of which I could see a small yard barely able to stop the forest’s steady advance. I traded a trusty DELL INSPIRON 15 for an iPad 3 and a 2013 15” Retina MacBook Pro though, and nowadays I write wherever I can find space and time. Every so often I go back to using a pencil and paper, but that makes writing Markdown inconvenient so I usually stick with Sublime Text.

I built this site with HTML 5 and CSS3, although you probably wouldn’t know from looking at it: like my setup I designed it to be as lightweight as possible, forgoing flashy transitions, effects, and the other niceties jQuery offers for simplicity and speed. Pursuant of this goal, and after trying almost every blogging platform and service on the market, I began building First Crack in late 2011. Loosely modeled after Marco Arment’s Second Crack, I chose the name as a hat-tip to Marco. I continue to improve First Crack to this day, and someday hope to release it once the kinks are all worked out.