Dear Hacker Community - We Need To Talk.

"When I communicated about concerns and issues – as well as complaints from Cryptoparty participants peeved with out-of-touch crypto-lecturers who wanted to teach command lines to crypto-newcomers – I got put downs, got brushed off, ignored, told ‘oh don’t worry, we’ll look after it, it won’t be a problem', ‘don’t worry your head about it', or aggravatingly – told that I wasn’t qualified to judge their choices as I wasn’t a crypto-expert or a hacker.”

Asher Wolf brings to light a darker side of the internet as and the hacker community in particular, chronicling her “perfect storm” experience, if you will, with misogyny in the hacker culture. Disgusting — indescribably disgusting; that’s the thought that overrode all others as I read this piece, and the lesson we need to learn from this article. Absolutely terrible.