I'm a shut-in. This is my story.

Kenneth Erikson tells his amazing life story in an article titled I’m a shut-in. This is my story. No matter what I try I can’t quite capture the essence of this intensely personal piece, so I will leave you with this excerpt and the strongest urging possible to set aside a good hour to read K-2052’s amazing story from beginning to end.

“If you’re fake for long enough you’ll eventually start to fake yourself. The same tricks you pull on others you’ll start to pull on yourself. And trust me, there is no better person at deceiving you than you. You know all the right things to say to make you feel good. You know all the buttons to push. You know all the quotes, phrases, logic, rationalizations and flashes of epiphany that you’ll swallow hook line and sinker. You’re your most deceptive foe. You could sell yourself invisible snake oil from an imaginary salesmen in an invisible desert and then congratulate yourself on your luck."