We're Live

Hey everybody, my name is Zachary Szewczyk. I am an eighteen-year-old writer and programmer, aspiring designer, and general computer geek working my way through high school. Some of you may recognize my name from a past blog or once-popular article, but by and large I am unknown on the internet. As I begin to write more and work through the extensive backlog of article topics I have gathered throughout the past few years though, I plan to take after the likes of Marco Arment and Jim Dalrymple as I cover subjects ranging from the writer’s craft to the neat little CMS I built for this site to my thoughts on Microsoft’s relevance in today’s tech scene. I have grand plans for this blog, and high expectations. Hopefully this brief introduction has roused enough interest to bring you back to learn more about that CMS, hear me talk about the writer’s craft, delve into the complex world of coding, and muddle my way through the complexity that is design. Check back often; my first actual post should go live within a few hours.

With that, then, we’re live.