Back on the home page, I introduced myself and talked about some of the client work I do; on the projects page, I highlighted a few examples of that client work, along with some of the projects I play around with in my spare time. Now that you have arrived here, as a prospective new customer, I would like to give you some more information first about my skills, experience, and education, and then about the services I offer. If you would like to skip ahead to the part where we talk business, though, feel free to shoot me an email, or get in touch with me on Twitter.

Skills Job Experience Education
  • Web Development
    • Python — Seven Years of Experience
    • Perl — One Year of Experience
  • Web Design
    • HTML, XHTML, and HTML5 — Seven Years of Experience
    • CSS2 and CSS3 — Seven Years of Experience
    • Javascript — Seven Years of Experience
    • jQuery Framework — Three Years of Experience
  • Programming
    • C — One Year of Experience
    • C++ — One Year of Experience
    • Java — One Year of Experience
  • Database Management
    • MySQL — Two Years of Experience

Brush Up Painting

Painter: 2012 — Present

I went to work for Joe Lattanzi the first day of summer in 2012, the year I turned eighteen; three years later, I still work for his company, Brush Up Painting. Joe treats his employees well, the jobs challenge me in a new way every day, and I enjoy taking a break from programming to make things with my hands. Along with his willingness to accommodate unpredictable ROTC summer training schedules, he has yet to give me even one reason to leave.

Youngstown State University Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences

Website Administrator: 2015 — Present

With the goal of increasing the ease with which students, faculty, and the public could learn more about Youngstown State University's Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, I have worked with the department chair and several professors as a website administrator since the beginning of my sophomore year. In this position, I built the two sites on the projects page: one for the Youngstown State University Field Investigations in Geology Course, and another for the Smith Mineral Museum.

Freelance Web Developer

2014 — Present

In addition to the website work done for the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, I also build and maintain websites for other entities as well.

BS in Computer Science and Information Systems

Youngstown State University

2013 — 2018

After learning basic HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, and Perl in my junior year of high school, and finishing my senior year with a couple classes on C and database management in MySQL, I have continued honing and expanding my knowledge of programming languages, structures, and conventions in pursuit of a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science and Information Systems at Youngstown State University. To date this has entailed also learning C++ and Java, and becoming acquainted with practices for protecting against malicious attacks, detecting intrusions, and recovering from disasters as well.

Website Creation

The most popular package I offer, this one consists of three main phases. I start with the proposal, where I work with you the customer to make sure that I understand your wants, needs, and desires for this project. After laying a strong foundation for further work, I will create a proposal and then adjust it based on your feedback. This process lets me know exactly what you want, which keeps me from wasting either of our time by building something irrelevant.

Once we are in a position to move on from the proposal stage, we transition to the building phase. Here, I do all the coding to make your vision a reality until I have a functioning prototype. At that point, I like to loop my customers in so that they get a chance to play around with their new website before it goes live. While I put on the finishing touches, this gives them the chance to give me preliminary feedback. This helps to fix any features and designs that made sense on paper, but don't work as well in a production environment. Thanks to the thorough proposal phase, though, this stage seldom leads to any major changes to the original plan.

After finalizing the prototype, we move into the final phase: deployment. I do all the setup, from configuring the server to handling the domain purchase. Once I get the OK, everything goes live. Simple as that. From here, my customers assign an employee to manage their new website, and I aid in the transition.

Content Management System Development

A content management system, or "CMS", makes it possible to change a website without having to mess around with the code driving it. This approach has grown in popularity over the last few years in particular because it lets people without a great deal of programming experience do the same job a company would have had to hire a dedicated programmer to do with a more conventional setup. By abstracting the development process so that workers with less programming experience can do the same job a programmer would have done in the past, though, these systems force their users to accept a lesser degree of control than they would have otherwise had over their product. Rather than removing it altogether, then, I have found that streamlining the interaction between code and coder a much more productive use of my time and my client's money. This approach gives them the control they need with the ease of use they want — the best of both worlds.

The process of designing a made-to-order content management system mirrors that of the process I use to build websites: I start with a proposal, then create a working prototype that gets tweaked based on my customer's feedback, and then deploy the end product once it satisfies their needs. Just as I do with the websites I build, at the end of the project I also aid in the transition process so that the client's developers can manage the new codebase in-house.

If you would like more information about any one of these packages, feel free to shoot me an email, or contact me on Twitter if that's your thing. If you would rather jump right to the part where we talk business, though, please contact me in a private email: no need to air our laundry out for everyone else to see.